The best boat charter in the Balearic Islands

If in your long-awaited next vacation you have as your destination the beautiful Balearic islands located in the incredible Mediterranean sea, you can not miss the experience of knowing the most spectacular islets that offer the two most popular groups of islands in Spain.

Renting boats in Ibiza is the most feasible and comfortable option to know the islets in a comfortable and safe way for an incredible price, especially if they go in low seasons where you can enjoy a more peaceful way the beautiful coasts and beaches without too many people. 

In they have all kinds of boats for rent with or without skipper (although some must have a skipper), in addition to a wide variety of additional services such as meals, massages, organizers of parties and events and much more that you can consult directly on their website. 

The prices of each boat are very varied, especially in the different three seasons. And although your boats are well equipped with the best products and services is not too much to be warned to take one or other essential factors when thinking of being at sea. 

The food, life jackets, first aid kit, products such as sunscreen and clothing indicated for sailing are some of the points that should be taken into account so that your holidays are incredible and you do not have to worry about the smallest detail. 

If you just want to relax without having to lift a finger more than to have a glass of the best wine, the best thing is to ask for a skipper when renting the boat, and this company will provide a professional skipper.

The skipper will guide you where you indicate always and when you are aware of the conditions when renting and group safety. 

All aboard

It doesn’t matter if you are accompanied by many or a few people, surely this company will have the ideal rental boat for you and yours to have the best experience floating through the water that surrounds the islands in the most spectacular yachts, sailboats and more with enough space. 

If for example you want to rent a boat for 8 people in Ibiza but that is comfortable and elegant, you should definitely keep an eye on the MONTEREY 268 SSX of 2015 and manufactured by the Monterey shipyard, one of the boat manufacturers recognized for providing style and innovation.

The proportions of this boat are 8.00m the length and 8.00, the overall length, 2.70m the breadth and has the capacity of up to 8 people. 

The type of fuel used is gasoline and this is not included in the rental price, this ranges from € 590.00 in the less frequented season (low season), € 640.00 in the middle season and € 690.00 in the high season. 

The boat has different features to make the experience more pleasant as a bimini awning, a fridge, gps, shower, electric windlass, 2 solariums, stereo to hear the best music, and the mooring is in Ibiza. Enjoy the best experiences together with yours in the beautiful Balearic islands in luxury boats with


This product is a nautical battery AGM brand, which requires no maintenance, these batteries are designed to be installed in any angle or position desired by the person who bought it, brought to us by the website online sale of nautical products, which offers a large catalog of different types and models of batteries at prices accessible to the public.

Battery Exide Agm Dual

This dual nautical battery was designed by merging two different types of battery, one is starter and the other service, which allows about four hundred and fifty discharges or cycles, does not need maintenance so they are ideal to be installed in places of difficult access, no matter how long this inactive is not damaged.

These nautical batteries are used mostly by and for boats to start and supply themselves, with an AGM resistance plate with alloys as well as a VRLA ventilation, which makes it undoubtedly a good investment that the person will not regret.

Problems that can arise with nautical batteries

As all batteries nautical batteries can present some problems that could greatly affect the nautical vehicle that is using it, for example if the battery came to have a failure in its operation could leave a boat in the middle of the furious sea with no way to move causing any wave or storm to overturn the boat, causing the loss of lives on board the boat as its contents.

Many of the reasons why nautical batteries malfunction, are discharged quickly is because the model, the type of battery used, its size or also the quality of the battery are not indicated for the nautical vehicle causing not to meet the demands of the nautical vehicle to the battery creating malfunctions.

This happens because sometimes the owners of these nautical vehicles are a little stingy instead of buying batteries that are a little more expensive but at the same time are indicated for the type of nautical vehicle you have, thus achieving to meet all the requirements of the nautical vehicle without causing malfunctions, ie to work perfectly.

It is recommended that if the boat is newly purchased with their respective new battery, make your time or immediately a change of battery for your boat to a higher capacity which is undoubtedly the best option, because by placing a battery of higher capacity and quality the marine vehicle can operate without problems making trips that its owner wants.

In summary, this Dual Battery AGM is a product belonging to the range of products called nautical or marine batteries which are bought to be used frequently in different nautical vehicles such as boats and barges, these batteries have an enormous capacity for charging as well as discharge as they are also characterized by working without problems before the worst conditions.

Aisladores de baterías

Los aisladores de baterías son dispositivos encargados de mantener la conexión entre una batería y evitar el drenaje de la misma. Esto se debe a que muchas veces una embarcación no puede hacer uso únicamente de una batería.

De esta forma, al obtener una segunda batería, se debe conectar al sistema de la embarcación para garantizar su correcto funcionamiento.

Es decir, que cuando alguna embarcación necesita hacer uso de accesorios extra, una sola batería no logra abastecer más allá de sus límites.

Por eso se dice que los aisladores de baterías para barcos tienen la función de complementar la conexión para suplir la energía extra que pueda tener la embarcación.

Los aisladores de baterías tienen como característica la funcionalidad de permitir el uso de dos baterías al mismo tiempo, sin causar ningún problema futuro.

Además, son los encargados de dirigir que la energía de una de las baterías sea llevada directo al motor. Mientras que la energía de la otra batería debe ser llevada al sistema de gastos extra, como accesorios.

Otra característica importante de los aisladores de baterías es que se encargan de mantener la misma cantidad de carga para ambas baterías. Esto se debe a que cuando no se tiene un aislador y se usan dos baterías, una de ellas absorbe la carga de la otra.

Ya que se produce la fuga de la energía sin obtener buenos resultados mayores a la pérdida de la carga de ambas baterías. Esto puede llegar a ocasionar que la batería se dañe por completo.

Por eso es necesario poseer aisladores de baterías. Para que se evita la transferencia de energía entre baterías y ambas funcionen como energías independientes.

Por lo general, la necesidad de estos aisladores es causada por el uso de una segunda batería que va dirigida a la alimentación de accesorios extra a lo que la embarcación trae por defecto.

Y la mejor manera de obtenerlos es a través de una página diseñada para esta clase de necesidades.


Chaleco Bayona 50n amarillo

Cuando se trata de salvar la vida todo es necesario, por lo que no se puede escatimar, ni en gastos, ni en calidad. Incluso se piensa mucho más en la seguridad cuando se trata del mar y otros campos de agua natural (ríos y lagos, lagunas, etc); en los que hay infinitas maravillas, pero también peligros.

Sobre todo si en tales campos se puede practicar los deportes náuticos, en los cuales es necesario una cierta cantidad de implementos para poder ejecutarlos, entonces mayor protección se espera tener, por ejemplo con un Chaleco Bayona 50n amarillo 50/70.

Chaleco Bayona 50n amarillo 50/70

Este chaleco salvavidas es ideal para salvar tu vida y ayuda a flotar mientras haces deportes náuticos, como: vela ligera. Incluso, se pueden hacer prácticas de kayak y canoa.90250801_ACABAT_FOTOFITXA_Chaleco-bayona-50n-seguridad-flotacion-imnasa-ref-90250801-300x300

Además, te ofrece una gran libertad de movimientos, puesto que, es corto, cuenta con láminas flexibles de espuma y tus brazos quedan libres, en pocas palabras, el chaleco Bayona 50n amarillo 50/70 se ajusta al cuerpo.

Cuenta con un cierre rápido, lo que te permitirá tardar solo unos segundos mientras los colocas o retiras. A su vez, posee una gran visibilidad gracias a su color amarillo, las tiras reflectantes acorde con la normativa del país y tiene un bolsillo para guardar los objetos necesarios.

¿Dónde obtenerlo?

En  Electrònica Náutica Balear puedes conseguir el Chaleco bayona 50n amarillo 50/70 y más utensilios para la práctica de deportes náuticos. Es una compañía de trayectoria que se especializa en la temática náutica: pesca, submarinismo y demás.

Electrònica Náutica Balear es donde la electrónica, informática, marketing y electricidad se juntan para otorgar los mejores servicios y productos, con los precios de mayor competitividad en el mercado europeo.

Conjuntamente, posee un extenso catálogos con productos que son necesarios durante la práctica de los deportes náuticos, además, la gran ventaja con la que cuenta, es que cada uno de ellos son de gran calidad, resistencia y durabilidad, lo que implica mayor seguridad a la hora de realizar las actividades.

A su vez, cuenta con las marcas de mayor renombre y éxito, haciendo (antes de colocarlos en venta) el estudio de cada uno de los productos para que puedas tener lo mejor, por ejemplo, el Chaleco Bayona 50n amarillo 50/70.

Un punto a favor es que la empresa cuenta con su laboratorio técnico propio, en el cual se hacen reparaciones, ajustes, programaciones y pruebas de cada uno de los equipos. De igual modo, como cliente puedes probar el producto y conocerlo.

Cabe destacar que cuenta con un catálogo con más 8 mil artículos, en los que está incluido el Chaleco Bayona 50n amarillo 50/70 y que, a su vez, hay un servicio de envío, por lo que puedes pensar en obtener tu chaleco directamente a tu casa.

Cuando se trata de atención al cliente es uno de los mejores, puesto que, puede resolver cualquiera de los problemas de tu producto con gran eficiencia. Así que, si quieres tu Chaleco Bayona 50n amarillo 50/70 no esperes más y obtenlo ya.

Rent a boat in Ibiza

Boating along the coasts of Ibiza is like walking through one of those natural corners that can only be seen in dreams. The coasts of one of the most beautiful Balearic’s Islands, have become the main attraction of millions of international and national travelers. To travel the coasts, you can rent a private yacht or you can go in the company of other passengers on a shared trip. This last option is not ideal in the case of wanting to enjoy a personalized trip.

How to rent

To rent a boat in Ibiza, what better option than the company Barracuda Ibiza, considered one of the best quality in the region. This company has been cataloged as one of the most outstanding, since it has a large fleet of luxury boats, all designed for an audience that seeks only the best and is willing to pay for it.

Barracuda Ibiza has luxury yachts, designed to make people feel very important and at the same time part of the exclusive international jet set. These boats are perfect for those people who want to have a special trip at sea, but it is difficult to buy a luxury yacht, let alone maintain it.

The best price

With the help of the company, passengers can have a small taste of luxury, for a reasonable price. You can rent a yacht for one or several days, it all depends on the agenda of the person, and best of all, is that the company adapts to the needs or specifications of consumers.

You can rent large boats, designed to share in meetings with several people; you can opt for a medium-sized boat, for close friends or close family members; or a small private boat for couples or a few.

First impressions on the Americas Cup

Russel Coutts (BMW Oracle) and Vicenzo Onorato (Mascalzone Latino, Challenger of Record) held a press conference in Rome.

Coutts announced the creation of an independent arbitration college to develop clear rules in order to avoid the conflicts of the 33rd America’s Cup.

The 34 Copa America will have more versatile boats that are not so limited to the weather conditions. To favor the spectacle, navigation should require great physical effort on the part of the crew. The new rules of the 34 Americas Cup will be made public on August 31, 2010, when the registration period will open.

At the moment the exact date of the 34 Copa America has not been announced, although everything points to 2013 or 2014. Prior to this date, a series of races will be carried out in different cities that will somehow score for the next edition Of the America’s Cup.

Ellison and Bertarelli sign the peace

It’s over … at last the “other battle” has been shelved, not the race course, but the court. According to a statement from the Golden Yatch Club of San Francisco, Alinghi and BMW Oracle announce the end of the hostilities. “We have reached an agreement with the Geneva Nautical Society and all pending litigation in the New York courts on the 33rd America’s Cup will be withdrawn on both sides.”

Thus, the 34 Copa America continues its course. BMW Oracle and the new challenger of record (Mascalzone Latino) are negotiating to decide where to host the next edition, as well as the date, format and type of boat.

Ernesto Bertarelli in the America’s Cup
He was born in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1965. He is considered the richest man in his country. His father owns the company Serono International SA (biotechnology). He studied at Babson College, Massachusetts, and joined Harvard University, where he earned a master’s degree in business administration.

In 1995 he returned to Switzerland and his father gave him 80% of the company. The following year, when he was 30, Ernesto became president of the company after the death of his father. Advanced biotech products were joined by pharmacists, a business that, in a short time, made Bertarelli the richest man in Switzerland.

His passion for sailing comes from his childhood. He has been the Bol d’Or (1997, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003), winner of the Sardinia Cup (1998) and world champion of the class 12 m and Farr 40 (2001).

In 2003 he won the Copa America with his boat, the Alinghi, snatching it from Team New Zeland. The name of the boat was imposed by his father before he died because Ernesto kept repeating that invented word. In 2007 he returned to win the America’s Cup. However, in this latest edition, Alinghi has been defeated by the BMW Oracle … will Bertarelli be in the 34 America’s Cup?