The best boat charter in the Balearic Islands

If in your long-awaited next vacation you have as your destination the beautiful Balearic islands located in the incredible Mediterranean sea, you can not miss the experience of knowing the most spectacular islets that offer the two most popular groups of islands in Spain.

Renting boats in Ibiza is the most feasible and comfortable option to know the islets in a comfortable and safe way for an incredible price, especially if they go in low seasons where you can enjoy a more peaceful way the beautiful coasts and beaches without too many people. 

In they have all kinds of boats for rent with or without skipper (although some must have a skipper), in addition to a wide variety of additional services such as meals, massages, organizers of parties and events and much more that you can consult directly on their website. 

The prices of each boat are very varied, especially in the different three seasons. And although your boats are well equipped with the best products and services is not too much to be warned to take one or other essential factors when thinking of being at sea. 

The food, life jackets, first aid kit, products such as sunscreen and clothing indicated for sailing are some of the points that should be taken into account so that your holidays are incredible and you do not have to worry about the smallest detail. 

If you just want to relax without having to lift a finger more than to have a glass of the best wine, the best thing is to ask for a skipper when renting the boat, and this company will provide a professional skipper.

The skipper will guide you where you indicate always and when you are aware of the conditions when renting and group safety. 

All aboard

It doesn’t matter if you are accompanied by many or a few people, surely this company will have the ideal rental boat for you and yours to have the best experience floating through the water that surrounds the islands in the most spectacular yachts, sailboats and more with enough space. 

If for example you want to rent a boat for 8 people in Ibiza but that is comfortable and elegant, you should definitely keep an eye on the MONTEREY 268 SSX of 2015 and manufactured by the Monterey shipyard, one of the boat manufacturers recognized for providing style and innovation.

The proportions of this boat are 8.00m the length and 8.00, the overall length, 2.70m the breadth and has the capacity of up to 8 people. 

The type of fuel used is gasoline and this is not included in the rental price, this ranges from € 590.00 in the less frequented season (low season), € 640.00 in the middle season and € 690.00 in the high season. 

The boat has different features to make the experience more pleasant as a bimini awning, a fridge, gps, shower, electric windlass, 2 solariums, stereo to hear the best music, and the mooring is in Ibiza. Enjoy the best experiences together with yours in the beautiful Balearic islands in luxury boats with

Rent a boat in Ibiza

Boating along the coasts of Ibiza is like walking through one of those natural corners that can only be seen in dreams. The coasts of one of the most beautiful Balearic’s Islands, have become the main attraction of millions of international and national travelers. To travel the coasts, you can rent a private yacht or you can go in the company of other passengers on a shared trip. This last option is not ideal in the case of wanting to enjoy a personalized trip.

How to rent

To rent a boat in Ibiza, what better option than the company Barracuda Ibiza, considered one of the best quality in the region. This company has been cataloged as one of the most outstanding, since it has a large fleet of luxury boats, all designed for an audience that seeks only the best and is willing to pay for it.

Barracuda Ibiza has luxury yachts, designed to make people feel very important and at the same time part of the exclusive international jet set. These boats are perfect for those people who want to have a special trip at sea, but it is difficult to buy a luxury yacht, let alone maintain it.

The best price

With the help of the company, passengers can have a small taste of luxury, for a reasonable price. You can rent a yacht for one or several days, it all depends on the agenda of the person, and best of all, is that the company adapts to the needs or specifications of consumers.

You can rent large boats, designed to share in meetings with several people; you can opt for a medium-sized boat, for close friends or close family members; or a small private boat for couples or a few.