This product is a nautical battery AGM brand, which requires no maintenance, these batteries are designed to be installed in any angle or position desired by the person who bought it, brought to us by the website online sale of nautical products Barcos.online, which offers a large catalog of different types and models of batteries at prices accessible to the public.

Battery Exide Agm Dual

This dual nautical battery was designed by merging two different types of battery, one is starter and the other service, which allows about four hundred and fifty discharges or cycles, does not need maintenance so they are ideal to be installed in places of difficult access, no matter how long this inactive is not damaged.

These nautical batteries are used mostly by and for boats to start and supply themselves, with an AGM resistance plate with alloys as well as a VRLA ventilation, which makes it undoubtedly a good investment that the person will not regret.

Problems that can arise with nautical batteries

As all batteries nautical batteries can present some problems that could greatly affect the nautical vehicle that is using it, for example if the battery came to have a failure in its operation could leave a boat in the middle of the furious sea with no way to move causing any wave or storm to overturn the boat, causing the loss of lives on board the boat as its contents.

Many of the reasons why nautical batteries malfunction, are discharged quickly is because the model, the type of battery used, its size or also the quality of the battery are not indicated for the nautical vehicle causing not to meet the demands of the nautical vehicle to the battery creating malfunctions.

This happens because sometimes the owners of these nautical vehicles are a little stingy instead of buying batteries that are a little more expensive but at the same time are indicated for the type of nautical vehicle you have, thus achieving to meet all the requirements of the nautical vehicle without causing malfunctions, ie to work perfectly.

It is recommended that if the boat is newly purchased with their respective new battery, make your time or immediately a change of battery for your boat to a higher capacity which is undoubtedly the best option, because by placing a battery of higher capacity and quality the marine vehicle can operate without problems making trips that its owner wants.

In summary, this Dual Battery AGM is a product belonging to the range of products called nautical or marine batteries which are bought to be used frequently in different nautical vehicles such as boats and barges, these batteries have an enormous capacity for charging as well as discharge as they are also characterized by working without problems before the worst conditions.

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