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Barcos.Online is the nautical shop that was born from the initiative of a group of businessmen of the nautical world, it offers a great variety of products of boats. 

Here you will find everything from sailing clothes, deck equipment, anchors, to boat rentals.

They have accessories for any type of francobordo, we have the best deck accessories, you can visit our networks TwitterFacebook  and Instagram, where you can learn more information about the best stores of the navigator. 

Accesories for boats

Who are has more than twenty years selling nautical items, which allows them to know what are the things of boats more suitable for their and is that only sell quality and can assure their customers that their products are durable. 

The shop continues to grow, they offer our rental boats section, it is translated into many languages, and we offer to rent any type of boat, anywhere in the world. 

All the articles that they sell have a guarantee of two years, for that reason they are the best shop of the navigator.  

What are your conditions of sale?

Their main occupation is that their clients are satisfied, if they are not they can return their order for free, in the 15 days following the purchase, just send an email to [email protected], they will take care of everything and in 30 days will get your refund.  

The shipments are made directly from the manufacturer or from the logistics center located in the peninsula, with a flat rate of € 5. We are the best shop of the navigator. 

Among the shipping options have:

Economic Shipping: delivery from 4 to 12 working days, with a rate of 5 for any type of package, regardless of weight or size. 

Fast Shipping: This type of shipping applies to those who exceed 200 €. They arrive in a maximum time of 5 working days. 

Pick up one of our partner stores: If the destination of your order coincides with the location of one of our stores, you have the advantage of being able to pick it up personally there, without any cost. 

As for the status of shipments we have: 

Pte de abonono order: pending receipt of payment to send the order. 

Paid order: once we have canceled the item, will pass to this state we will make the process of shipping it.

Order in preparation: your order is arriving at the distribution center to be shipped. They are preparing your order. 

Shipped order: we have already shipped your order. 

Delivery order: your order will be delivered within 24 hours. 

Order received: it is already in your hands and you can enjoy it. 

Incident order: something has happened with your order, in your email you will have the solution we have given. 

Refund request: you have requested the return and we have proceeded to refund the money. 

To make the corresponding payment they offer you these two ways: deposit or bank transfer to our account in caixabank and payment with card through caixabank’s secure platform.

The published prices of your products are final prices, you only have to add the shipping costs.

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