Rent a boat in Ibiza


Boating along the coasts of Ibiza is like walking through one of those natural corners that can only be seen in dreams. The coasts of one of the most beautiful Balearic’s Islands, have become the main attraction of millions of international and national travelers. To travel the coasts, you can rent a private yacht or you can go in the company of other passengers on a shared trip. This last option is not ideal in the case of wanting to enjoy a personalized trip.

How to rent

To rent a boat in Ibiza, what better option than the company Barracuda Ibiza, considered one of the best quality in the region. This company has been cataloged as one of the most outstanding, since it has a large fleet of luxury boats, all designed for an audience that seeks only the best and is willing to pay for it.

Barracuda Ibiza has luxury yachts, designed to make people feel very important and at the same time part of the exclusive international jet set. These boats are perfect for those people who want to have a special trip at sea, but it is difficult to buy a luxury yacht, let alone maintain it.

The best price

With the help of the company, passengers can have a small taste of luxury, for a reasonable price. You can rent a yacht for one or several days, it all depends on the agenda of the person, and best of all, is that the company adapts to the needs or specifications of consumers.

You can rent large boats, designed to share in meetings with several people; you can opt for a medium-sized boat, for close friends or close family members; or a small private boat for couples or a few.


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